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As Power Commanders are made in the US by Dynojet and have their own site, a number of our links point to various pages and articles in the site.You are of course welcome to just surf there, but you may find our links will give you direct access to pages of special interest. Click on our Links to see more.

The Quick Shifter

only compatible with USB Power Commanders and allow "full throttle, clutch- less" upshifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander. Sensors are attached to the gear linkage and connect into the Power Commander expansion port.
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Dynojet Tuning Link software

The Dynojet Tuning Link software is a specialist add-on available only to authorised Dynojet Tuning Centres to automatically optimise the fuel curve of a motorcycle by interfacing its Power Commander with a Model 250 Load Control Dynamometer.

The Tuning Link software simultaneously controls the Dynamometer and the Power Commander. It monitors the current air/fuel ratio at over one hundred and forty different points.

In real time, the Tuning Link calculates the correct fuel adjustment to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio and uploads these new values to the Power Commander while saving a copy to file.

Tuning Link has the ability to map fuel curves in both "static" and "dynamic" modes, assuring that the generated fuel curves are correct for both steady state cruising as well as during aggressive on/off throttle movements, allowing optimisation of the bike in a very short time, regardless of the bike’s modifications.

Tuning Link is compatible with any Power Commander V Power Commander III or Power Commander III r equipped motorcycle.