Sydney Dyno - Services

  • Dyno testing;
    To determine the current horsepower and torque of: Motorcycles, Sidecars, ATVs and Karts.
  • Tuning fuel injection and carburetors;
    For more horsepower and torque, while eliminating those dangerous flat spots to give you smooth throttle response and an improvement in fuel economy.
  • Running-in brand new motorcycles;
    This is a house specialty that eliminates all your worries about running in your new and expensive motorcycle. The process is done at low RPM with varied load and temperature, with two oil and filter changes. This gives all cams, bearings, shafts and gearbox components the perfect bedding in as well as the best seal between pistons and bore. Achieving greater stock horsepower is guaranteed.
  • Pick up and delivery;
    For a nominal fee we will pick up your bike and return it when work has been completed.

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Superior Tyre Services


Sydney Dyno use the latest Mondolfo Ferro Tyre Changing Machine and an Electronic Dynamic/Static tyre balancing machine.

Did you know that at 100 km per hour an imbalance of 40 grams creates an imbalance equivalent to static weight of 8 kg - now that is enough to upset any bike cranked over into a fast corner. And some people think the only solution is an expensive rebuild of the bike’s suspension!

Sydney Dyno is now official reseller for the following motorcycle tyre brands:

  • Avon

  • Metzeler

  • Pirelli

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